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When floors become slippery, they can cause a fall that can cause severe accidents especially to the elderly. While this is something that one has to guard against at home, it also becomes necessary in offices, and commercial establishments like shops and supermarkets. An accident here can have the injured persons asking for personal injury claims, which can be quite damaging.

Anti Slip Coatings Can Help to Preserve Original Floors

It is possible to reduce the chances of people slipping on floors by using an anti slip floor coating over existing floor finishes. These coatings are applied over an original floor, and will help to make the floor textured and act as abrasives that help the person walking on the floor to get better traction. These coating can also help to protect the original finishes on floors, like a high gloss, as these finishes are protected by the anti slip coating. This is why when floors are made of highly polished marble or granite or of wood, applying such coating can preserve the original surface. The surfaces will still be very visible because most such coatings are transparent and do not in any way change the appearance of the original floor.

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Safety at Home

In homes that have the elderly as part of the family, an anti slip coating especially on bathroom floors can give the other care givers a peace of mind, as this greatly reduces the chances of their charges falling down or slipping on wet floors. This sort of extra traction can also be arranged by laying down adhesive strips or tapes that will not be visible because they are transparent. The problem with such strips is that over time they can lose their grip on the surface and come off, thus leaving the original floor as slippery as ever. In the case of an anti slip coating, which is generally epoxy based, this peeling will never occur. Even where the efficacy of the coating is doubted, it is always possible to easily reapply the coating.

Applying Anti Slip Coating

One of the first requirements for preparing a floor to receive anti slip coating is to ensure that it is completely clean. This problem is aggravated when such coating is to be applied to garage floors and floors that have the presence of oil and grease. If this is not completely removed, a bond will never be formed between the coating and the floor and this will reduce its life. Steam cleaning can ensure complete removal of such bond breakers. Once the floor is completely clean, it must be completely dried, before any primer coat is applied. Some coatings do not require any primer and can be applied directly on to the floor. A number of manufacturers do suggest two coats to be applied to floors, and in such cases the first coat does act as the primer. The applied coat needs to be given time to dry and this can take as long as twenty four hours. During this time, no traffic must be allowed over the floor. A second coat can be applied after the first one has dried.

Anti slip coating has become a must for public areas, malls and other places that see a large amount of foot traffic. It can greatly help to reduce accidents and likely personal injury claims. Many industries use such coatings in aisles, corridors and staircases and claim that they do help to increase safety.